Why Wind Energy?

Land and water are essential for living, Energy is also necessary for progressing. Turkey makes an intensive effort in order to complete economic and social progress. This is the only factor that will bring the target energy efforts However, when we look at the energy sector closely, there is a rapid increase in the demand both primary energy source and electric energy. Turkey depends on the foreign countries in terms of providing primary Energy sources rate in excess of 70% and  Turkey depends on foreign countries in the rate of 58% in terms of producing the secondary energy that is electric energy . Therefore, we want to remove this deficiency. Depending on foreign countries, increasing rapid demand and the necessity of high investment show the important qualities of our sector. What needs to be done to avoide an increase in the overall temperature of the Earth than 2 degrees as well as technical criteria is being so forward. Therefore, Energy sector is also significant like production for saving. Although Turkey depends on the foreign countries in the rate of %70, Turkey meets the demand by investing in energy sector, on the one hand,  solutions to reduce the energy intensity is increasing orientation.

Turkey has the serious wind energy potential. In Turkey, we do not only contribute to the wind investment but also we should contribute to the wind industry. Turkey has 11GW stock of the current Project and the capacity of 20 GW for the national goal in 2023 in terms of wind Energy, therefore, it shows that Turkey plays a vital role in the European market. That it has become an energy hub in its region, will play an important role in shaping the investment opportunities in Turkey.

Wind power electricity generation, due to technological developments in the energy sector in the economic capital appreciation is not only positive but also contributes to the protection of the ecological balance in the intact. Wind power plants are not dependent on raw material shortages and, when it should be switched on and can be removed as soon as possible, has no adverse effect on human health and the environment and require less space for installation of land facilities. The electric power generated by wind energy, renewable energy, electric energy in the group taking place in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol has created a media issue.

Renewable Energy haves: as long as the sun illuminating our planet will continue to blow in the wind. Although wind power is an intermittent source of renewable continuous and requires to be qualified to take advantage of wind energy.

Wind Energy Ball-haves: the basic process is the occurrence of wind, pressure differences of the earth. Committed by the pressure difference associated with the sun at different rates in different regions. The depletion of our world will continue to blow in the wind heated by the sun is also not possible.

Eco-Friendly haves: 750kw power equal to the amount of energy produced by a wind turbine produces energy in a thermal power plant per year into the atmosphere, known left 179 tons of CO2. There is no wind energy, CO2 emissions. Wind energy is one of the most effective methods that can be taken against the greenhouse effect.

Be open to other uses: The case of arable land for agriculture and livestock activities, there is no obstacle in maintaining.